This is hands down my favorite poundcake! I can’t say enough good things about it, except that it’s so moist, rich in flavor, and just plain delicious!

There is an Italian pastry called “cannoncini”, which means “little cannons”. These are a bit like cannoli, but filled with pastry cream instead of ricotta cheese. Cannoncini are very similar to cream sticks. See below for a recipe for the pastry and the filling.     Recipe from: Makes: 10 Cannoncini INGREDIENTS: Dough: 2-1/4 …

My Grandma served this as side dish for meats,with picnic lunch with salad,or served cold the next day.

This recipe combines two family favorites into one delicious new all-time favorite!

Inspired by a sugar cookie and featuring ricotta and olive oil, this Italian sweet cake is about to become the best you’ve ever tasted.

These fresh and fruity puff pastry horns make a lovely summer treat.

In Sicily this pudding is very popular; likewise it is well-liked and made all over the world.

The outside of many pastries is covered with a light layer of glaze prepared with confectionary sugar and lemon juice and butter.

Bolognese is a very versatile sauce: it can dress all shapes and sizes pasta, whether it’s over fresh tagliatelle, dried spaghetti, or baked rigatoni.

The mostaccioli are sweet Christmas cookies typical of the regions of Southern Italy.

The sweet version of the Crispeddi are round shaped and filled with ricotta, sugar, chocolate chips, candied diced fruits and spices.

This antipasto or side dish is pleasant and goes well with grilled food.

It is a very convenient dish because it can be prepared in advance.