This is hands down my favorite poundcake! I can’t say enough good things about it, except that it’s so moist, rich in flavor, and just plain delicious!

There is an Italian pastry called “cannoncini”, which means “little cannons”. These are a bit like cannoli, but filled with pastry cream instead of ricotta cheese. Cannoncini are very similar to cream sticks. See below for a recipe for the pastry and the filling.     Recipe from: Makes: 10 Cannoncini INGREDIENTS: Dough: 2-1/4 …

This is my favorite bread to use as garlic bread, bruschetta, French Toast, stuffing, bread pudding or in any recipe that calls for a sturdy old-fashioned bread.

Sfingi are deep-fried doughnut like puffs that are made throughout Italy—especially in Sicily. 

These are perfect with a cup of coffee or hot tea. A little reminiscent of a scone–only a bit more sweet.

This delicious fudge torte is perfect for a holiday or Christmas dessert.

It is mildly coffee flavored and topped with a rich chocolate nut glaze.

Topped with snowy sprinkles and a confectioners’ sugar glaze, these brown sugar cookies are fun and festive even in the most frightful weather!

Spritz is a generic term for cookies formed into fanciful shapes when the dough is forced through a cookie press.

“Pan Speziale” is so-called because it was prepared by the friars of the Bologna Charterhouse and is a typical sweet for the Christmas period.

A sweet and soft donut cake with honey, to make your breakfast more delicious and healty.

The perfect cake to dunk in milk!