This is hands down my favorite poundcake! I can’t say enough good things about it, except that it’s so moist, rich in flavor, and just plain delicious!

There is an Italian pastry called “cannoncini”, which means “little cannons”. These are a bit like cannoli, but filled with pastry cream instead of ricotta cheese. Cannoncini are very similar to cream sticks. See below for a recipe for the pastry and the filling.     Recipe from: Makes: 10 Cannoncini INGREDIENTS: Dough: 2-1/4 …

This is my grandmother’s Easter ricotta pie recipe, with just a few changes.

Recipes for variations of hard biscuits go all the way back to ancient societies.

By twice baking, the biscuits have a very long shelf life.

These are excellent dunked in coffee, tea, wine, or bourbon.

An easy holiday eggnog recipe to try. If you’ve never made eggnog you’re in for a treat.

It is rich and frothy with an amazing flavor and a velvety creaminess that store bought eggnog just can’t match.

This is a basic Italian bread. It has 4 simple ingredients.

It’s beautiful in its simplicity, tastes amazing, and it’s a very rustic bread so you can shape the loaf any way you like.

These are not the same old meatballs, or at least they’re not the same meatballs that I usually make!

I decided to try the occhi di bue recipe (lit. trans. bull’s eyes), buttery biscuits with jam in the centre.


In Southern Italy, one of the classic dishes to serve for lunch on Sundays.

Nearly every Tuscan home cook is an expert at bistecca fiorentina, a traditional Florentine recipe that calls for only five ingredients.

Cheese and potatoes: what could be better?

This simple recipe from Friuli Venezia Giulia is a delicious example of cucina povera, a humble cuisine that combines on-hand ingredients in genius ways.