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No Italian-American holiday is complete without crisp, buttery pizzelle.

Rather than the typical anise flavor, we’ve made them a bit more neutral with a splash of good quality vanilla.

If you want to try a fantastic lemon cake, this is a special recipe for you!!

This story really helps children, at least in Slovenia, Czech republic, Slovakia, Croatia and Bosnia, for now, but we have it in 10 languages (for now).

In Andreea’s view, people were a little tense and alarmed, but he thinks this is just the beginning.

These little puffy pastry pillows are served alongside a platter of cured meats, pickles, olives and cheese, and used like bread.

Two varieties of sfogliatelle are eaten in Naples – the riccia and the frolla. Riccia have fan-shaped layers of filo-like pastry and, when eaten warm, are quite crisp.

Frolla are made with thin shortcrust pastry. Both have the same sweet semolina and ricotta filling with candied citrus zest.

The addition of one thin layer of almond paste makes a great apple pie … extraordinary!

These little cakes are precious with varied shades of the same color.

Try pink for Valentine’s Day or a girl’s baby shower, or purple for Easter.

This Valentine’s Day, treat your loved one to romance: “love letter” pastries.

Cream Puffs filled with a delicate Zabaione Cream… it doesn’t get better than that!     INGREDIENTS: For the Cream Puffs:1 cup all-purpose flour4 ounces butter1 cup water4 large eggspinch of salt For the Zabaione Cream:10 egg yolks10 tablespoons sugar10 tablespoons sweet Marsala wine Video Recipe: METHOD Make the Cream Puffs:In a pot add the …