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Christmas Italian Recipe

The dish gets its name from an ancient percussion instrument, the drum, which was inspired by a cylindrical container where the dish originally was cooked.

These light and airy cheese puffs make great appetizers for the holidays. They pair well with white wine or Prosecco.

Raw almonds are gluten-free and safe for consumption by people with gluten sensitivities, or those with celiac disease.

This cheesecake is very creamy and doesn’t have the traditional graham cracker crust.

Lemon Drop Cake is easy to make but is for serious lemon lovers!

Lemon cake mix poked with lemon sauce and topped with whipped lemon frosting.

With citrus from fresh orange juice and lemon zest, the unique and richly spiced filling is wrapped inside a buttery sugar cookie dough that’s a dream to work with.

Minestra Maritata is a delicious, hearty cold weather treat made with broth, little meatballs, greens and eggs. 

This is my favorite bread to use as garlic bread, bruschetta, French Toast, stuffing, bread pudding or in any recipe that calls for a sturdy old-fashioned bread.

Sfingi are deep-fried doughnut like puffs that are made throughout Italy—especially in Sicily.