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Christmas Italian Recipe


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In this sunny recipe for marinated anchovies, simplicity reigns.

As it marinates, the acid in the lemon simultaneously “cooks” the fish while adding a bright flavor.

This is a typical holidays’ appetizer. Today’s Christmas recipe is shrimp cocktail indeed

The flavour the fresh squid infused into the sauce left even this less than ardent fan of calamari wanting for more.

There is nothing like genuine homemade Itailan Knot Cookies. They are like a little taste of love all wrapped in one small bite.

Definitely make these Homemade Cream Puffs for your next get together- everyone will be asking you for the recipe!

Today I’m going shopping for some crab legs to make this delicious Crab Risotto for dinner tomorrow.

Cioppino is always a pleasure to make and especially a pleasure to eat.

This dish blesses you with an abundance of fresh seafood in one large bowl.

This cream puffs recipe is easy enough to make for an everyday dessert and elegant enough to serve for a special occasion!