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Easter Italian Recipes


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This is my grandmother’s Easter ricotta pie recipe, with just a few changes.

From Neapolitan Easter tradition, one of the most famous and delicious recipe.

Gubana is a buttery brioche dough filled with a mixture of several nuts, raisins, apricot jam, candied orange peel, cocoa, marsala, grappa, and rum.

Light and soft, this ring cake recipe is an ideal snack or dessert.

The ciambella is one of the most widespread Italian recipes.

Sfinges,in Italy called Sfinci are made differently than “zeppole” which is the actual name for fried dough.

But since my Mother always called them Sfinges then that’s what we’re calling them.

Whatever you want to call them, Italian fried dough dipped in sugar is a great little treat for yourself and the kids.

If you are Cheesecake lovers, this is a fantastic and delicious Italian recipe.

This is not your typical dense, heavy cheesecake that is made with cream cheese.

Using ricotta cheese gives the cake a fluffier and lighter texture!

This super easy Italian cheesecake is the real deal.

Not only it is delicious but very tasty.

If you like cheesecake you are going to like this variation.