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Easter Italian Recipes


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With this recipe you can be part of my tradition, begin your own tradition and perhaps start your own family competition for generations to come.

The Italians have many versions of the Italian Easter pie.

My personal favorite has always been this simple, sweet creamy version that invariably filled my mother’s kitchen with an aroma that prompted our neighbors from their homes in order to follow the scent.

Jam tarts are classic Italian desserts. Every home baker and her nonna has a favorite recipe, often incorporating homemade jam created with ripe fruit from the orto, or garden patch.

Pastiera is a traditional dessert consisting of an elastic but crumbly short pastry and a creamy filling made with ricotta and wheat.

Sweet fritters, called zeppole, are found all over Italy, from cream-filled pastry puffs in Lazio to pine nut spheres in Emilia-Romagna to brandy-flavored rounds in Abruzzo. Here, a chunk of chocolate and a hazelnut are enclosed in each doughnut-like puff.

Ricotta Cake is a sweet very simple and quick to prepare. With a few, but wholesome ingredients you get a soft and delicious desserts .

They are crisp bread rings made with soft-wheat flour, olive oil and white wine, and flavoured with spices – generally fennel seeds.