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Italian Appetisers

Grispelle or Crispelle is a yeast raised doughnut made with sweet potatoes and tradtionaly served during Christmas.

Eggs in Purgatory which is a strange way of saying eggs poached in tomato sauce.

This is a great way to use up leftover rice, they can be a great appetizer maybe even served with a dipping sauce of your choice or you could have them the way Nanny intended…as they are.

It originated in Naples—calzone means “trouser” in Italian—but has become popular across the globe, with many regional variations. Calzones are usually baked, though some versions are deep-fried.

Arancini are Sicilian rice deep fried delicacies served with various stuffings, this is the recipe for the one with ragù filling. 

The  fried zucchini in batter , golden and delicately crunchy, represent a plate delicious and easy to marry with other dishes.

It is prepared with a mixture of simple ingredients such as potatoes, grated cheese, mozzarella cheese (or smoked cheese) and prosciutto or mortadella.

They are crisp bread rings made with soft-wheat flour, olive oil and white wine, and flavoured with spices – generally fennel seeds.

This frittata is one of the easiest things you can make and it not only makes a nice breakfast, but a great light lunch, too.