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Are you looking for easy and cool Christmas snacks’ recipes?

We propose you the right recipe: a tasty Christmas tree cheese board!

This is a typical Italian recipe.

Try this delicious recipe and share with your friends.

From the great culinary tradition of the Campania region, a rustic and tasty dish

A traditional Italian fingerfood is the “panzerotto”, that here we present to you in its baked version with the classic filling of mozzarella and tomato, an idea for your “Italian style” brunch.

I credit this recipe for my love of peppers from a young age, and anyone I’ve made it for, even those who don’t normally love peppers as I do, comment on how amazing it tastes.

The Italian method of making this dish allows the simple flavors of the existing ingredients to really standout on their own, and does not require heavy use of spices.

Arancini alla Norma is just one variation of the myriad ways arancini can be prepared, and uses a filling made from eggplant and tomatoes as opposed to the more commonplace filling of ragù.