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Italian Bread

with bread.

Pumpkin – not too much here – turns bread into light orange and gives an incredible softness to it.

This is a basic Italian bread. It has 4 simple ingredients.

It’s beautiful in its simplicity, tastes amazing, and it’s a very rustic bread so you can shape the loaf any way you like.

This simply delicious Mozzarella Sandwich is a refreshing lunchtime sandwich that blends the flavors of garlic, basil, olive oil, cheese and black olives.

Panettone, the tall cake-like bread filled with raisins and candied orange and lemon peel, is not only Italy’s favorite Christmas dessert, it comes with a history as colorful as a fairy-tale.

Master the basic recipe for fresh pizza dough, and you can enjoy the delicious dish in the comfort of your own home anytime! 

This dish is pronounced broo-skeh-tah) and summer cooking skills in fifteen minutes or less with this satisfying antipasto. Basic bruschetta is as simple a dish as they come, made with a toasted slice of rustic, hardy bread rubbed with fresh garlic, fresh diced tomatoes, then drizzled with olive oil and dusted with salt and pepper.

Gubana is a buttery brioche dough filled with a mixture of several nuts, raisins, apricot jam, candied orange peel, cocoa, marsala, grappa, and rum.

Torta di Pane, or Bread Pie is a dessert I make when I have too much leftover bread and I’ve already recycled half of it making homemade breadcrumbs (which I flavor with different spices according to need.

The potatoes cook along with the crust, the mozzarella melts and turns golden brown on top, and the rosemary releases its fragrant aroma.