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It’s nice, simple cake to celebrate Spring, a moist and dense cake, almost a light version of a cheesecake.

Historically an Easter dessert, this ricotta cheesecake is now eaten all year round throughout Italy and Spain as the household’s go-to quick weeknight dessert if the kids deserve a treat.

A delicious traditional Italian cake, for all special occasions !!

Who says pies can’t have cheese?

Our Italian Cheese Pie gets its rich and creamy texture from ricotta cheese combined with delicious lemon flavors.

Impress your friends and family by baking an extraordinary and authentic-tasting Italian cheesecake.

Better leave room for dessert, ’cause our Cannoli Pie is a new take on the classic Italian cannoli.

Mmm, mmm! We can’t get enough of this!

Are you looking for a soft, light and above all dessert that won’t leave you feeling too guilty for eating it?

Here is the recipe that is right for you: cake with ricotta and yogurt, ideal to accompany your awakening, but also a tasty snack or a meal.

This dessert is ideal to be eaten for breakfast, as a snack and also after dinner, because it is light and genuine.