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Italian Cake’s

In Italy, cake making is an art and the cakes taste as wonderful as they look. This Italian Rum Cake is one of their specialties. Serve it for birthdays and for other festive celebrations, such as New Year’s.

If you like apple tart, this is amazing recipe for you!!!

This is a wonderful chocolate cake that is great served plain or with a little whipped cream and fruit and wonderful to dress up for birthday parties with chocolate fudge icing.

A very different, but delicious cake! Not your standard cake to frost. Just enjoy!

A simple and sweet dessert to make when you’re in the mood for a comfort food.

A great cake for springtime. Easy to make and will have your guests asking for the recipe.

This cannoli cake is a show-stopping dessert to serve at a holiday party or any special occasion. If you’re in a rush, you can use a box of butter cake mix instead of making the cake from scratch.

For a special dessert that’s easy to prepare and tasty as well, here’s a quick and easy “Tiramisu” for your friends and family to enjoy.