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Italian Cake’s

Here is the recipe for Torta di Zabaglione, one of Harry’s Bar’s most requested desserts. 

This cake is a light, refreshing dessert that will be a hit every time.

This chocolate pie tastes really good as a chilled dessert with seasonal berries and whipped cream or ice-cream

Paradise cake is one of the most traditional Italian desserts.

Light and airy, this cake is fairly simple to make and is considered a cornerstone of Italian pastry. 

This is a wonderful Italian Banana torta (cake).

The flavor of banana mixed with lemon, oatmeal and allspice; and then a filling of yogurt and finely chopped banana spread between the layers is so very scrumptious…..

If you like Italian ricotta pastries,try this amazing recipe. Servings:4 INGREDIENTS: 7 oz all-purpose flour 1 ¾ oz potato starch 3 ½ oz sugar 3 ½ oz butter 1 egg 1 pinch cinnamon   FOR FILLING ⅝ lb ricotta cheese 3 ½ oz sugar 1 egg yolk lemon zest, grated   FOR CREAM 2 cups milk 2 eggs 5 oz sugar 1 oz all-purpose flour lemon zest ½ stick vanilla PREPARATION: Prepare the dough by mixing together all of the …

Classic tiramisù doesn’t usually contain chocolate, but I love how it pairs with the coffee.

Soft and light, this yogurt and peach cake is the perfect summer treat.

A blender creates an extra smooth pie and mini chocolate chips give it an authentic cannoli touch.