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Italian Cookies Recipe

Homemade orange flavored taralli, baked then coated with sweet and tangy lemon icing and colored confetti.

Lively and tasty, these little coconut cookies are an irresistible way to finish a meal.

With this recipe you can be part of my tradition, begin your own tradition and perhaps start your own family competition for generations to come.

The mostaccioli are sweet Christmas cookies typical of the regions of Southern Italy.

There are many variations, as many are the countries in which these sweets are cooked right on feast days.

Cucciddati or Buccellati is a traditional Italian cookie, originating in Sicily, that is filled with a mixture of figs and other fruits, nuts, and seasonings.

There are so many chocolate chip cookie recipes out there, so how do you know which one to make? Well, stop looking because I have the one just for you right here.

We jazzed up this classic anise-flavored cookie with Almond Paste and almond flour. It created a fabulous combination! 

Known in Italy as “liar’s” cookies because when Mama made them and put them in the cookie jar, if the children took one or two out, Mama would know if any were gone because there would be a big mess from the powdered sugar.