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Italian Cookies Recipe

The cookies are stick-like, and Jewish cooks have turned their origins around, making them instead sweet symbols of eviction.

This is the right recipe, you can knead this with your hands or use a foodprocessor and spend five minutes. You can also substitute macadamia nuts with almonds.

Recipes for variations of hard biscuits go all the way back to ancient societies.

By twice baking, the biscuits have a very long shelf life.

These are excellent dunked in coffee, tea, wine, or bourbon.

I decided to try the occhi di bue recipe (lit. trans. bull’s eyes), buttery biscuits with jam in the centre.

Infused with lemon extract and coated with a sweet, crunchy lemon icing, these cookies are light, cakey and refreshingly citrusy.

Make these rich almond-flavored bars for a festive Christmas bar cookie.

Pack the cookies in Christmas tins and give as gifts to friends and family.

Enjoy these holiday sugar cookies for Christmas.

They’re easy to make and kids will love to help you decorate them.

These delicious pumpkin cookies can be cut into your favorite shape to make snacking more fun.