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Italian Cookies Recipe

Ricciarelli is a luxurious and divine gluten-free cookie originating in Italy.

Easy to make, yet the result is fabulous.

These Little Knots are more like a sweet, frosted bread than a cookie.

The Italians dunk these treats in coffee or a sweet dessert wine at the end of a large meal.

Biscotti, as I’m sure you know, are twice baked Italian cookies  that are crisp and crunchy.

A nut-fudge filling is folded into a scratch cookie crust flavored with orange zest and sprinkled with sparking sugar.

These classic Italian almond macaroons are light and crunchy.

Amaretti have an egg white base and are an easy-to-make cookie.

An almond brittle made of fragrant nuts, toasted to a turn and enrobed in a sumptuous amber caramel, this treat is found in every Abruzzese home at Christmas.

With a bit of sparkle, these buttery, tender cookies are sweet with one of nature’s best gifts: bright lemon flavor in the cookie and its snowy coating.