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Italian Dessert

Creme Caramel is a custard that has been baked in a Caramel-coated mold.

When the chilled custard is turned out onto a serving plate it is automatically glazed and sauced with the caramel in the mold.

This old variation of classic gnocchi (Italian dumplings) will surprise you with its plum center.

Almonds, figs and dark chocolate make for an irresistible dessert.

In this recipe, the slight tartness of the almonds and the delicate flavor of the peaches perfectly balance with the sweetness of this summer dessert.

This Italian Chocolate Mousse recipe is great for the holiday or that occasion where you just need chocolate.

Classic tiramisù doesn’t usually contain chocolate, but I love how it pairs with the coffee.

This cake is sliced and brushed with an espresso/rum mixture, filled with chocolate mousse and finished with whipped cream.

It’s really delicious.

Use whatever berries look good to you.

Testa di Turco (Moors’ Head) is a Sicilian dessert prepared all over Sicily.

In some town it is made with baked cream-puff pastry in the form of a turban and covered with honey or else filled with ricotta or custard cream and colorfully decorated; in other places, it is made with baked puff-pasty shaped into square and it is spread with ricotta or custard cream.

This is the type of dessert that is perfect for dinner parties (can be prepared ahead) and is a refreshing end to a big meal … it leaves you sweetly satisfied!