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Italian Dessert

A granita, also known as granita siciliana, is a frozen dessert made from sugar, water and assorted flavors.

This Italian fruit salad is topped with whipped cream and dark chocolate shavings.

Better leave room for dessert, ’cause our Cannoli Pie is a new take on the classic Italian cannoli.

Mmm, mmm! We can’t get enough of this!

These biscuits have a fantastic scent and aroma, as they are used for their realization: orange, lemon and anise.

The thing that will impress you most will be the scent that will be released at home during the cooking of the taralli.

The Crema Fritta or (Cremini) is a recipe of Venetian origin that is prepared especially during the Carnival period, even if it is brought to the table whenever there is a leftover of custard.

 Excellent served as a dessert after a meal as long as it is enjoyed hot.

Homemade Vanilla Pudding is pure comfort food. Top with whipped cream, berries, chocolate, nuts, coconut, or just about anything!

This brioche is golden brown, crisp on the outside and light on the inside. Serve with your favourite icecream.

One of Italy’s most famed desserts made with creamy sweet Italian cheeses, bittersweet chocolate, rich and buttery caramel mousse… and a hint of sea salt!

Chocolate and coffee flavor the creamy filling and create a scrumptious dessert.

This rich and creamy custard can be made entirely on top of the stove–no need to bake in a water bath.

Remember to buy a high-quality chocolate for the best flavor.