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Italian Dessert

In Italy, torrone is a traditional Christmas dessert—a sweet, toasted-almond candy—with many famous regional variations.

The term “torrone” probably comes from the latin verb “torrere,” or to toast, referring to the toasted almonds.

An easy holiday eggnog recipe to try. If you’ve never made eggnog you’re in for a treat.

It is rich and frothy with an amazing flavor and a velvety creaminess that store bought eggnog just can’t match.

This dessert which originated in Florence is a semi-frozen dessert made with rum, cookies, chocolate and whipped cream.

Literally meaning “cooked cream,” panna cotta is a classic dessert served throughout Italy.

Zabaglione is a light creamy Italian treat made with deliciously sweet Marsala wine.

This dessert is simple to make and can be easily flavored in a variety of different ways.

This traditional Sicilian Christmas dessert is filled with dried figs, almonds and walnuts.

This version of the classic French cream puff will delight your family or guests.