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Italian Dessert

A simple and sweet dessert to make when you’re in the mood for a comfort food.

Rice Pudding is a delicious everyday family treat that can also be served up with elegance at a party when served in fancy dessert cups or bowls!

For a special dessert that’s easy to prepare and tasty as well, here’s a quick and easy “Tiramisu” for your friends and family to enjoy.

Panna cotta has become a very popular dessert on our shores these last few years, and for good reason.

Zuccotto: [zoo-KOHT-toh] Thought to have been inspired by the cupola of Florence, Italy’s, Duomo (the city’s main cathedral), this dome-shaped dessert begins with a bowl lined with liqueur-moistened cake (usually pound cake or pan di spagna) slices.

Sweet fritters, called zeppole, are found all over Italy, from cream-filled pastry puffs in Lazio to pine nut spheres in Emilia-Romagna to brandy-flavored rounds in Abruzzo. Here, a chunk of chocolate and a hazelnut are enclosed in each doughnut-like puff.

It’s a mix of our strong coffee and delicious ‘gelato.’ You can use whiskey, cognac, “amaro” or your favourite liquor.

This Almond nougat is an excellent sweet that you find all over Sicily throughout the year, but during Christmas time it becomes an absolute must have dolce in every Sicilian household, part of the nougat (aranciata, kubaita, torrone bianco) selection served at the end of a meal together with dried fruit.

Our apples are served with honey and sweet wine, all very Sicilian. OK – so on to the food.