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Italian Dessert

There is all the flavor of the Sicilian land, sweet and passionate, in these little pastries that jealously preserve a precious and rich filling.

It is a simple and easy to prepare recipe, ricotta makes it an excellent nutritious and delicious sweet, ideal for breakfast with a nice cup of coffee and milk!

Ricotta Cake is a sweet very simple and quick to prepare. With a few, but wholesome ingredients you get a soft and delicious desserts .

In eating them it is almost impossible not to get your nose or mouth dirty, in dialect “o muss”, also due to the presence of icing sugar, used for the presentation.

A traditional dessert simple in its preparation but exquisite in taste, stuffed with custard, to which it is possible to add delicious cherries, and enclosed in a casket of pastry.

Simple sweets that give the best of them soaked in wine or liquor and that, once tried, you will always want to keep at home for a short break or for unexpected guests.

The Apulian scarcella is a sweet loved by children because it can take various forms, depending on what your imagination suggests: a heart, a dog, a doll or a rabbit, the Easter symbol par excellence.