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Italian Meat Recipes

Braciolone Depending on which part of Italy you’re from, Braciole (bra CHO lay) means different things. In the north it’s generally a cutlet of some kind that is cooked flat. In the south, Braciole refers to individual portions of meat rolled up with a filling or stuffing inside.

This recipe is classic, moist and delicious.

By combining equal parts of beef and pork, these meatballs are moist and flavorful.

Italians in Italy really don’t do the whole “spaghetti and meatballs” thing–and if they do, the meatball is huge and served as a second dish after the pasta.

Forget the wide and flat cotoletta that you think you know – originally, the traditional cotoletta alla Milanese was made exclusively with bone-in veal chops, carefully leaving the meat as high as the bone.

Hearty and delicious, you’ll have no problem filling your stomach with this one. It’s so tasty I usually make it at least once every two months.

What makes this recipe tasty and delicious are the combination of well seasoned ground beef, veal and pork.

Braised pork chop is a simple dish that can be served on a nice bed of fried polenta or on top of creamy risotto.

Sausage depends on the region and the family recipe.

Each town or each home would produce a different type of family sausage.

This is a family recipe passed down to me from my grandmother who got it passed down from her mother, and so on.

It only takes 4 ingredients to make this flavourful dish.

Just toss them all together and pop in the oven.