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Italian Meat Recipes

Get flavorful meatballs on your table in less than an hour with this tasty classic Italian recipe.

Not much harder to make than plain meatloaf, this dressed-up version is nice enough for company.

The original piccata is a thin slice of meat quickly sautéed and sprinkled with fresh lemon juice. 

The word “piccata” means to prick, because the tangy taste of lemon used in the piccata, gives the tongue that characteristic pungent taste.

This delicious and much celebrated Sicilian dish is very popular and is cooked all over Sicily.

Rolled pork skin is a tasty piatto unico, one course meal, usually prepared on Sundays.

The cotenne are stuffed with breadcrumbs, onion, garlic, pinoli, parsley, cheese and olive oil and cooked in tomato sauce.

The weather turned very cold today, the perfect time to make a hardy winter’s Neapolitan meatloaf – Polpettone al Forno.

It’s a delight that needs little introduction except to say that if you see polpettone on a menu, don’t expect to get piling plate of polpette, meatballs or sauce for that matter.

From the Italian word for hunter, by now I’m sure you know that Pollo alla Cacciatora or Chicken Cacciatore simply means chicken made in “hunter-style.”

Meatballs with sauce are the second classic and traditional meat favorite for adults and children!