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Italian Meat Recipes

These are not the same old meatballs, or at least they’re not the same meatballs that I usually make!


In Southern Italy, one of the classic dishes to serve for lunch on Sundays.

Nearly every Tuscan home cook is an expert at bistecca fiorentina, a traditional Florentine recipe that calls for only five ingredients.

Here is another Italian American dish that has no real roots in Italy, but can be found on the menus of most red sauce joints here in New Jersey.


The method of using stew meat retains more of the flavors and juices of the meat in the sauce but ground meat can be substituted for a quicker preparation. 

Delicious flank steak rolled up with a delicious filling then braised for hours until the meat is so tender it falls apart.

I’ve tried many times to duplicate my Grandmother’s meatball recipe but still haven’t gotten the exact taste I’m looking for.

Delicious Chicken Cutlets topped with a spicy tomato sauce is a great summertime dish.

Chicken Lemon has always been a favorite with my family. 

The char broiled lemony flavor of this dish served with roasted lemon and herb potatoes will be a hit for any occasion.

Veal Braciola is tender veal cutlets rolled up with a delicious filling and braised until fork tender in you favorite tomato sauce.

My Grandmother’s recipe uses beef or specifically flank steak.