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Italian Meat Recipes

Broiled Lamb Chops with Peppers and onions sautéed in garlic and olive oil makes any dinner elegant and delicious.

My family has been enjoying this Sausage and Peppers recipe for years and so will yours.

Tender and flavorful meat cooked with vegetables, wine tomatoes, herbs and spices.

It’s comfort food at it’s best plus you can’t beat one pot meals.

This sauce can be served with up to about one pound of pasta

The cooking time for these pork chops will depend on the thickness of the chops you use.

In Sardinia called Coiettas.

These succulent and delicious meat rolls will melt in your mouth.

This classic Italian recipe is perfect for meat-lovers because it brings out the flavor of the pork.

A classic Italian recipe for roast veal softened with milk and flavored with prosciutto.

Get flavorful meatballs on your table in less than an hour with this tasty classic Italian recipe.

Not much harder to make than plain meatloaf, this dressed-up version is nice enough for company.

The original piccata is a thin slice of meat quickly sautéed and sprinkled with fresh lemon juice. 

The word “piccata” means to prick, because the tangy taste of lemon used in the piccata, gives the tongue that characteristic pungent taste.