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Italian Meat Recipes

This dish can be prepared with either veal or pork, wrapped in pancetta, seasoned with sage and browned in butter.

Beef broth is a stable ingredient for making many types of fresh stuffed pasta, risotto and a multitude of Italian recipes.

This basic preparation is one of the most important for Italian cooks.

The “Polpette alla birra (Beer Meatballs) are a quick and easy second course and are prepared with a mixture of meat and bread and then cooked in blonde beer.

If you want to prepare some fantastic meatballs, this is my special recipe for you, directly from Italy

The recipe that we propose below is the richest one and provides for the use of cocoa, pine nuts and raisins.

The term coratella refers to the interiors of small animals such as rabbit, lamb or poultry and is thus composed of heart, liver, lungs, kidneys and spleen.

This is a recipe of popular origins, traditionally prepared using calf meat, although it has been replaced by the lamb because of the prohibitions related to mad cow disease.

The one below is the original recipe, handed down for generations and easy to find in the roman restaurants.