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Italian Pasta Recipes

Cooked in a tomato-based sauce, this “angry” pasta is spiced with crushed red peppers. 

Our simple recipe will take you all of 30 minutes to prepare while delivering a complex depth of flavor.

A traditional dish from Emilia-Romagna, Lasagne alla Bolognese is made with egg pasta, creamy béchamel, and Bolognese ragù.

This recipe for ravioli di zucca wraps the sweet, nutty squash in fresh pasta, douses it in a savory brown-butter-sage sauce, and makes your kitchen smell amazing. 

Follow my Grandma’s five-step guide, and learn how to transform basic ingredients into fresh pasta with only your hands and a rolling pin – just like nonna!

During the Renaissance, the swamps near Milano were turned into rice paddies, and rice has played a starring role ever since.

One of my favorite Milanese dishes is Saffron Risotto.

Created in Napoli, this colorful recipe evokes southern Italy, from the briny taste of the characteristic capers and olives.

spaghetti with clams

In this classic iconic Neopolitan dish, briny clams, white wine, garlic, and peperoncino create a light yet intensely flavorful spaghetti sauce. 

Having learned the Ligurian technique of grinding the fresh ingredients into a silky sauce, the Sicilians adapted the recipe with the use of fresh tomatoes and almonds native to the region.

By combining the sweet potatoes with ricotta, you retain the flavor and end up with pillowy soft gnocchi, just what a gnocchi should be!

This is an appetizing vegetarian pasta dish, with bright colors and captivating flavor.