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Italian Pasta Recipes

Olives, fresh tomato, anchovies and capers give this quick and simple dish its intense and unforgettable flavor.

The porous texture of the gnocchi makes the dumplings a perfect pair for a hearty meat sauce.

Famous throughout the world, potato gnocchi are easy to make and can be served with a wide variety of sauces.

One of such dishes is the pasta with cauliflower sauce, a distinctive dish from Palermo. 

This dish traditionally served in Bologna is made of homemade pasta served in a hot bowl of beef broth.

This traditional Sicilian dish is full of contrasting, intense flavors.

Pasta with sardines is probably one of the dishes that best represent Sicilian cuisine due to its main ingredients: fish and pasta.

Agnolotti are the Piemontese version of ravioli.

Together with tortellini and anolini, agnolotti are one of the most famous types of Italian stuffed pasta.