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ZEPPOLE: St. Joseph’s Day Cream Puffs

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This is my mother’s recipe and she swears that the secret to good crostoli is to make the pastry very thin, so that the ribbons of dough cook quickly and become crisp.

Homemade cannoli shells stuffed with a ricotta cheese filling that’s dense with chocolate chips.

These festive Chocolate Peppermint Cannoli are dipped in crushed peppermints for a dash of color.

Snowball Doughnuts are traditional, bite-sized cake doughnuts tossed in powdered sugar. 

Simple, classic, and easy – cake doughnuts are prized for their crispy golden outsides and a tender, sweet insides. 

Italian Cream Horns are scrumptious puff pastries wrapped around a metal horn and baked till golden and flaky.

Cream puff style dough baked into sandwich cookies and filled with a delicious orange and hazelnut cream. 


Filled with a smooth and creamy filling and topped with a rich chocolate ganache. 

Ok, maybe you are very careful with your diet, but in this case we may be able find a compromise.

St. Joseph’s Day is celebrated on March 19th every year.

On this day, the feast of San Giuseppe, every Italian household makes its version of zeppole, or cream puffs.

This super-easy recipe for cream puffs is a favorite in our kitchens.

Filled with a simple coffee-flavored whipped cream, these pretty puffs make a stunning dessert.

In this recipe, smooth dark chocolate gianduja is spread on top of puff pastry and shaped into a festive ring.