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ZEPPOLE: St. Joseph’s Day Cream Puffs

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The cream cheese in this recipe adds a little extra tang. It will be a little less stiff than the traditional filling, but it’s worth the compromise.

It originated in Naples, centuries ago and since it is time consuming it was usually made in convents.

Croissants are generally thought of as breakfast pastries but can also be used for sandwiches and meal accompaniments.

Sweet fritters, called zeppole, are found all over Italy, from cream-filled pastry puffs in Lazio to pine nut spheres in Emilia-Romagna to brandy-flavored rounds in Abruzzo. Here, a chunk of chocolate and a hazelnut are enclosed in each doughnut-like puff.

Our apples are served with honey and sweet wine, all very Sicilian. OK – so on to the food.

There is all the flavor of the Sicilian land, sweet and passionate, in these little pastries that jealously preserve a precious and rich filling.

In eating them it is almost impossible not to get your nose or mouth dirty, in dialect “o muss”, also due to the presence of icing sugar, used for the presentation.

A traditional dessert simple in its preparation but exquisite in taste, stuffed with custard, to which it is possible to add delicious cherries, and enclosed in a casket of pastry.