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Italian Soups

If it were the end of summer or fall we would have so much escarole in the garden we would eat this every week until it was gone. Enjoy!

Whether I prepare it to accompany that leftover Thanksgiving turkey sandwich, for a light Christmas Eve dinner or a stand-alone bowl of comfort, my signature minestrone is always made with a whole lot of love!

Minestra Maritata is a delicious, hearty cold weather treat made with broth, little meatballs, greens and eggs. 

One of the most popular dishes for the traditional christmas dinner in Italy is the tortellini soup. 

One that evokes childhood memories of my mother’s cooking. 

Pastina Chicken Soup brings back precious Italian childhood memories in her cucina.

My family also enjoys this soup during the holidays.

It’s the first dish for Christmas dinner.

Great Cabbage Soup for a cold day.

This easy to make soup is filling and inviting and will definitely be a hit among family and friends.