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Italian Lunch

Cheddar cheese is the best ingredient to flavor your baked potatoes.

Try this simple baked cheddar and potato recipe: you will love it!

Vignarola is a traditional spring dish from Rome.

It’s not very common, and is, in effect a vegetable stew, but it brings with it all the freshness and flavours of spring.

Cheese and egg meatballs (pallotte cacio e uova) are the emblem of the typical cuisine of Abruzzo.

This simply delicious Mozzarella Sandwich is a refreshing lunchtime sandwich that blends the flavors of garlic, basil, olive oil, cheese and black olives.

This is a great idea to use leftover sausage and peppers from last night…..or like me, just make it from scratch, it takes no time to whip up.

Any Frittata is delicious but this dish is exceptional.

I purposely went out and bought a cast iron frying pan just for frittatas