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Italian Lunch

This dish is even nicer the day after it has been made and is delicious warm, cold and at room temperature!

Simple flavours – onion and smoked cheese – that combine perfectly for a dish that complements practically all main courses.

If you like classic italian recipe, this is a very delicious dish for you!!

This is my special version of the most famous Eggplant Parmigiana.

Boiled eggs and mozzarella cheese and……..Yummy!!

Do you want to make artichokes with a fantastic and delicious Italian recipe?

It’s simple and easy!

Carciofi alla giudìa (Italian pronunciation: [karˈtʃɔːfi alla dʒuˈdiːa]; literally “Jewish style artichokes”) is among the best known dishes of Roman Jewish cuisine.

Cheddar cheese is the best ingredient to flavor your baked potatoes.

Try this simple baked cheddar and potato recipe: you will love it!

Vignarola is a traditional spring dish from Rome.

It’s not very common, and is, in effect a vegetable stew, but it brings with it all the freshness and flavours of spring.

Cheese and egg meatballs (pallotte cacio e uova) are the emblem of the typical cuisine of Abruzzo.