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From hilltop medieval borghi frozen in time to gelato-toned fishing hamlets spilling down to the sea, these are the most beautiful villages in Italy

Situated on a stretch of coastline on the northern coast of the Salerno Gulf on the Tyrrhenian Sea and located in the Province of Salerno of southern Italy, the Amalfi is characterized by steep cliffs, captivating bays, and turquoise waters of the Mediterranean it is a destination truly unlike any other.

Everyone wants to claim that the country they live in is the best in the world.

You can watch as people dispute the pros and cons of each location, but with all of the perks that come with residing here, Italy will give you a run for your money on best place to live.

Each area of Italy is fascinating and has its own appeal, attractions, and foods, making it a perfect vacation place for all.

Construction of the Pantheon started in 27 BCE on the order of Marcus Agrippa. It is one of the few buildings from ancient Rome that has stayed completely intact.

While exploring the villages of the Amalfi Coast, Voyagers are certain to notice that the lemons there are larger than they are used to.

With the average rent at €200, it means participants would pay just €50 a month. If you want to buy a property, you’ll get €5000. With houses for sale at €30,000, it means you have to pay just €25,000.

If you want to know how to maximize the fun and educational aspects in Italy for kids, check out our short guide to the best ways to prepare for your trip and the best things to do in Italy for kids.