Baked spinach meatballs are an easy and quick idea, perfect for children, but also for those who want to keep light.

From the South of Italy, one of the most delicious dish.

With anchovies, black olives and onions……

Carciofi alla giudìa (Italian pronunciation: [karˈtʃɔːfi alla dʒuˈdiːa]; literally “Jewish style artichokes”) is among the best known dishes of Roman Jewish cuisine.

One of the most famous and simple Italian cake………YUMMY!

When your time in a new city is limited, it’s normal to fear that your all-round experience will be equally limited, but when it comes to Rome, there’s no need to panic about ‘fitting it all in’.

A classic recipe from Abruzzo,

In Italy called “Sformato di Patate”.

Very simple dish and very very very amazing!!

These loaded up baked potato bites are one of the best things to happen to my snack lineup in a long time and for good reason! 

The sarcophagus, made with the tuff of the Capitol, measures approximately 1.40 meters in length and should date back to the 6th century. B.C.