Are you looking for a soft, light and above all dessert that won’t leave you feeling too guilty for eating it?

Here is the recipe that is right for you: cake with ricotta and yogurt, ideal to accompany your awakening, but also a tasty snack or a meal.

The Crema Fritta or (Cremini) is a recipe of Venetian origin that is prepared especially during the Carnival period, even if it is brought to the table whenever there is a leftover of custard.

 Excellent served as a dessert after a meal as long as it is enjoyed hot.

This is a recipe created by famous Italian actress Sofia Loren.

It is a personal variation of pesto pasta and is very delicious!!!

This dessert is ideal to be eaten for breakfast, as a snack and also after dinner, because it is light and genuine.

Chocolate eggplants are a typical dessert of the Campania tradition, in particular of the Amalfi Coast and the Sorrento Plain.

This dessert is prepared with a delicious chocolate sauce that bathes fried eggplant slices.

A rustic first course full of tasty ingredients such as sausage, eggs, aubergines and much more that make it a perfect timbale to be served in an open-air lunch, a spring picnic and anytime you feel like it!

If you want to make a fantastic tart in Italian-Style, this is a recipe for you!!

Homemade Vanilla Pudding is pure comfort food. Top with whipped cream, berries, chocolate, nuts, coconut, or just about anything!