Enjoy these holiday sugar cookies for Christmas.

They’re easy to make and kids will love to help you decorate them.

If you like ricotta pastries, this is a delicious recipe for you!!

The flavor of these biscuit-like rolls will remind you of pumpkin pie.

The perfect dinner roll to serve with your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

This dessert which originated in Florence is a semi-frozen dessert made with rum, cookies, chocolate and whipped cream.

Tastes just like the Red Velvet Cake, but with the silky texture of cheesecake. One of my most requested Christmas desserts.

This is my own Christmas Fruitcake recipe I have been making for years. Fruits are better soaked ahead of time, but will be just as good steaming them in water hours before being used. I bake these about mid November or the first saturday of Advent. By Christmas, the cakes are sinful.

These delicious pumpkin cookies can be cut into your favorite shape to make snacking more fun.

Perfect with coffee, these unusually delicious biscotti (pictured right) are made with blue cornmeal and studded with dried fruit.

A hint of anise gives it that famous Italian sensibility.