Braciolone Depending on which part of Italy you’re from, Braciole (bra CHO lay) means different things. In the north it’s generally a cutlet of some kind that is cooked flat. In the south, Braciole refers to individual portions of meat rolled up with a filling or stuffing inside.

In this recipe, smooth dark chocolate gianduja is spread on top of puff pastry and shaped into a festive ring.

It is a beloved dish that is just as often eaten for dinner as it is a midnight snack, and it’s easy to see why: every ingredient can be found in your pantry in a moment’s notice.  

Cartocci is a Sicilian pastry that is made by wrapping a ribbon of yeast dough around a metal cannoli tube, which is then fried, coated with sugar and filled with a delicious sweetened ricotta filling.  

These classic Italian almond macaroons are light and crunchy.

Amaretti have an egg white base and are an easy-to-make cookie.

An almond brittle made of fragrant nuts, toasted to a turn and enrobed in a sumptuous amber caramel, this treat is found in every Abruzzese home at Christmas.

This sauce recipe, eggplant parmigiana, is a classic dish from my Grandma.

With a bit of sparkle, these buttery, tender cookies are sweet with one of nature’s best gifts: bright lemon flavor in the cookie and its snowy coating.

This cake is a delicious clone of the dense rum cakes you’ll find in Italian-American markets during the holidays.

Crispy outside, soft and a little chewy inside, these are the perfect vehicle for two fisted sandwiches with juicy fillings.