This lasagne recipe comes from my Grandma, who lives south of Italy.

She says of her lasagna, ‘To be a proper lasagna bolognese there should be at least five layers of pasta!’.

Historically an Easter dessert, this ricotta cheesecake is now eaten all year round throughout Italy and Spain as the household’s go-to quick weeknight dessert if the kids deserve a treat.

This brioche is golden brown, crisp on the outside and light on the inside. Serve with your favourite icecream.

This is a delicious, slightly sweet, slightly eggy, slightly rummy bread.

This story really helps children, at least in Slovenia, Czech republic, Slovakia, Croatia and Bosnia, for now, but we have it in 10 languages (for now).

Aromatic, floral, and crisp, Prosecco is the number-one sparkling wine produced in Italy.

This classic Italian bean soup is hearty enough to warm up any crowd.

We recommend serving it with a gigantic loaf of crusty Italian bread and butter.

One of Italy’s most famed desserts made with creamy sweet Italian cheeses, bittersweet chocolate, rich and buttery caramel mousse… and a hint of sea salt!

Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli will sing on Easter Sunday in a presentation from Milan Cathedral to be streamed online, the city’s mayor said on Tuesday.

Ada Zanusso fell ill at her nursing home in Biella in northern Italy on March 17, eight days after the Government imposed a lockdown on the country.