It is a simple and easy to prepare recipe, ricotta makes it an excellent nutritious and delicious sweet, ideal for breakfast with a nice cup of coffee and milk!

Minestra Maritata predates the introduction of the tomato to Campania near the end of the 18th century and pasta, which found its way onto the Neapolitan table at the end of the 17th century.

It is a so-called “poor dish” even though it is actually a dish rich in beneficial properties.

Ricotta Cake is a sweet very simple and quick to prepare. With a few, but wholesome ingredients you get a soft and delicious desserts .

TheĀ  fried zucchini in batter , golden and delicately crunchy, represent a plate delicious and easy to marry with other dishes.

In eating them it is almost impossible not to get your nose or mouth dirty, in dialect “o muss”, also due to the presence of icing sugar, used for the presentation.

A traditional dessert simple in its preparation but exquisite in taste, stuffed with custard, to which it is possible to add delicious cherries, and enclosed in a casket of pastry.

It is prepared with a mixture of simple ingredients such as potatoes, grated cheese, mozzarella cheese (or smoked cheese) and prosciutto or mortadella.