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Ricotta Cake is a sweet very simple and quick to prepare.

With a few, but wholesome ingredients you get a soft and delicious desserts .

Persimmons are a truly delicious fruit with a delicate and sweet flavor, and they are one of the few fruits that are at the peak of their growing season during fall and winter.

Pan di Spagna is the most popular type of cake in Italy.

This sponge-like cake serves as a foundation for many elaborate desserts, such as cassata and zuppa inglese.

This four-layer cake is a unique twist on the Italian-American favorite but still has that traditional cannoli flavor.

Paradise cake is one of the most traditional Italian desserts.

Light and airy, this cake is fairly simple to make and is considered a cornerstone of Italian pastry. 

A blender creates an extra smooth pie and mini chocolate chips give it an authentic cannoli touch.

This is a wonderful chocolate cake that is great served plain or with a little whipped cream and fruit and wonderful to dress up for birthday parties with chocolate fudge icing.

Serve this flavorful and moist lemon pound cake with the tangy and light lemon sauce. So tasty and very refreshing!

Zuccotto: [zoo-KOHT-toh] Thought to have been inspired by the cupola of Florence, Italy’s, Duomo (the city’s main cathedral), this dome-shaped dessert begins with a bowl lined with liqueur-moistened cake (usually pound cake or pan di spagna) slices.

    Recipe from:   This is a traditional Tuscan dessert that can be found in a myriad of variations. I prefer this version which uses ricotta cheese which is more commonly found made by home cooks. Because ricotta cheese does not keep so well, many bakeries sell a version made with eggs and …