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One of such dishes is the pasta with cauliflower sauce, a distinctive dish from Palermo. 

My Classic Italian Cheesecake recipe tastes bakery-special, but is home-kitchen-easy – a winning combination!

Simple sweets that give the best of them soaked in wine or liquor and that, once tried, you will always want to keep at home for a short break or for unexpected guests.

Today we talk about sospiri (sighs), the sweetest, round, soft, candid sponge cakes stuffed with cream and glazed, with the inviting red cherry right in the middle of so much sweetness.

Carciofi alla giudia, or artichokes Jewish-style, are a masterpiece of Roman cuisine, a rural and peasant cuisine.

This Puglia-style version of a classic southern Italian dish is enriched with pork sausage. Servings: 4 INGREDIENTS: 1 lb eggplant 3 oz all-purpose flour 2 eggs ⅝ tomato sauce 3 ½ oz mozzarella cheese 3 ½ oz grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese 3 ½ oz pork sausage, fresh frying oil to taste salt to taste METHOD …

This tasty recipe is called “Flan Di Latte” in Italy, and “Flan de Leche” in Spain. It’s a super easy (and super tasty) pudding of milk and eggs. That “Flan” is widespread in Spain, Sardinia (Italy), Argentina and Philippines. You can add marmelades and fresh fruits (strawberries, blackbarries, etc) to enrich the dish. Recipe from: …