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Frutti di Mare means fruits of the sea in Italian.

This delightful lasagne boasts a variety of seafood layered in a creamy white sauce and fresh pasta.

I call it Grandma’s Homemade Lasagna because my mom perfected the recipe and passed it down to my family.

In Neapolitan tradition, this lasagna was made for Mardi Gras, filled with various ingredients, the same ingredients that from Ash Wednesday were banned from the table during Lent.

Lasagna alla mozzarella, which includes fresh mozzarella and luxurious besciamella white sauce, is simple to put together and also quick to cook if you use “oven-ready” sheets of lasagna that don’t need to be boiled before assembling and baking.

The traditional Neapolitan-style lasagne has a substantial difference, though: there is no béchamel and no bolognese sauce. Shocking, eh? These are replaced by ricotta and a traditional Neapolitan ragù – if you love them, then this version of Neapolitan lasagne will truly and deeply delight you, your tastebuds and your soul. Yes, you heard me. Your …