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The fresh ricotta sauce is an easy and quick dressing for first courses.

Just a few ingredients to prepare raw and, while the pasta is cooking, you can prepare a fresh seasoning.

Dessert made in a jiff.

Light layers of puff pastry are filled with a luscious dollop of almond flavoured Ricotta and sweetened with a hint of maple syrup.

This is an old Italian ricotta cake no butter recipe from the wartime when butter was scarce.

Ricotta is not cheese; it is a by-product of the cheese making process and is as important to many regional Italian dishes as olive oil and tomatoes.

Ricotta is the king of Sicilian cheeses, although it should not technically be called a cheese at all. “La ricotta non è un formaggio, ricotta è ricotta.” Ricotta is just ricotta. About 90% of ricotta made in Sicily comes from sheep’s milk, except for a small part of the island that makes it from cows …

Sicilian desserts and as filling for cannoli, cassate, for the Saint Joseph sfingi and other various, colorful and specialty pastries.

My Classic Italian Cheesecake recipe tastes bakery-special, but is home-kitchen-easy – a winning combination!